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"I never would have considered to practise meditation if it wasn't for this game [...] this game actually helps me to come at ease whenever I need it and for that I am very grateful." - Sanugia

"After my first 10 minute session I felt like I woke up from a dream. Anxiety melted away. I will be using this every day." - Schofield

"Using this app is very calming when I have many assignments due and need to lessen my anxiety. Much recommended :)" - Yeti Nepotist

"Thank you for making this. It has changed my life, and made something so simple - so accessible." - Horizons96

"A wonderful tool/experience to help you learn to meditate and through meditation improve many aspects of your mind. I strongly recommend it for literally everyone [...]" - Fellfoe

"This game is relatively inexpensive compared to what it will give you to life." - Drodz

"I will definitely use these methods to help myself not only in critical moments but also in everyday life, just to make myself feel better" - Aga I My, Steam Curator

"before this app, I didn't meditate at all. Since I started meditating with Playne, I only missed one day over the last 60 days or so" - Drone-Ah

Player Feedback

  • Over 98% of players felt calmer and more relaxed after playing Playne
  • Over 97% of players found the meditation technique in Playne easy to understand and practise
  • Over 83% of players built a consistent habit of mindfulness by playing Playne

A word from the developer

I’m Krish, and I created Playne. I just happened to be a film maker / game developer / who has been a meditator for years. I'm just sharing what I've learnt over my lifetime in the hope that it can benefit other lives. I would ideally make Playne free - because I would like the benefits of Playne to be freely available to everyone. But this is my first game and I need to generate an income so that I can spend more time building and developing Playne further. I want to offer as much of my time and effort to bring about a happier world, even if its just a wee drop in the ocean. I hope this page tells you what my game can do for you, and I hope Playne can help you experience all the benefits of mindfulness.

I’ve had the support of some wonderful people, without whom Playne would not have been possible. I am eternally grateful to you early adopters, beta testers, friends and family.

What Is Playne?

Playne in an entirely self published, indie game which teaches you how to meditate and build a mindfulness practise. You can use Playne as a tool get to get calm and relax or you can use it as a way to better understand yourself and expand your consciousness.

Your meditation practise will transforms the barren world to one that is lush and full of growth. As you progress through the evolution, you also discover the story of Playne by talking to Fox, the guardian of the Playne. All the while, helping you to find calmness and improve your overall well-being.

You are the wanderer

At your ripe old age of 417, you’ve forgotten what made the sun stop moving, how the trees stopped growing and why everyone became immortal.
That is, until you met a little fox who wanted to help you remember, who wanted to show you how to bring balance back to the world.

Features of Playne

  • Learn a super simple and effective meditation technique
  • Helps you to build a consistent mindfulness practise
  • Experience the many powerful benefits of mindfulness
  • Game world which evolves as you progress
  • Game world which responds to your meditation practice
  • Explore the Story of Playne, written by a BAFTA nominated film-maker

New End Game Unlock : Evolve Mode

  • Currently an Alpha / Experimental build
  • Gameplay designed to encourages passive mindfulness through breath awareness
  • Walk around 4 sq km of an island inspired by Scotland.
  • Yes, you can only walk, you won't find any sprinting shenanigans here
  • Collect seeds from the 'Last Tree'
  • Plant the seeds
  • Meditate to make the seeds grow into tree.
  • Trees grow into your forest
  • Create your tranquil space

Made with Love in Scotland!


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